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FM Global Reason Online
Homepage mockup

Homepage of the finished site. View live site (opens in new window).

Competitive Analysis

A competitive analysis of several sites illustrated how Reason Online would stack up against several similar online publications (PDF opens in new window).

Conceptual Model

I worked with the client to create a taxonomy for the publication and illustrated how content would be organized around them with this conceptual model diagram (PDF opens in new window).


The sitemap showed how I organized the article content alongside meta content about the publication (PDF opens in new window).


Wireframes laid out key screen templates (PDF opens in new window).

Production Guide

I worked with our visual designer to apply styling and specify screen details for development (PDF opens in new window).

My role

Interaction designer, working with a visual designer, project manager, and an offshore development and QA team.


  1. Competitive analysis
  2. Conceptual model development
  3. Information architecture
  4. Wireframing
  5. User interface design
  6. User acceptance testing

The opportunity

FM Global is a leading provider of corporate risk management insurance. They had an existing industry print publication called Reason, and they wanted to expand their reach and position themselves as a thought leader with a web-based version of the publication.

The solution

A minimal design and grid-based layout allowed the rich content and graphics to shine through. Users could browse articles by various criteria such as recency, popularity, content type (article, video, or infographic), category, industry, or issue. View the live site (opens in new window).