About Me

I do user experience design, user research, and product management. I help organizations create products that solve complex problems for users and positively impact society. Providence, RI is my home.

User Experience Design

I help define business objectives and user goals. I then design and iterate at various levels of fidelity. I deliver functional, interaction, visual, and content specifications to developers and work with them to evaluate and ensure success along the way.

User Research

I employ various methods such as contextual interviews, card sorting, tree testing, usability testing, and focus groups to form a baseline understanding of users and inform specific initiatives with user knowledge. I identify opportunities to improve user adoption and engagement and reduce risk in product decisions by evaluating hypotheses early.

Product Management

I evaluate market opportunities and create roadmaps, informed by rapid experimentation. I facilitate the development of outcome-based strategic objectives, and I help align various teams to build and support products.


I find common ground and help multiple organizations or departments align on a shared vision. I work with teams at the ground level to achieve strategic goals. I have directly managed teams of 2 and 3. I bring a healthy dose of listening and empathy to this work.