(add)ventures – FM Global Reason Online

My role

Interaction designer, working with a visual designer, project manager, and an offshore development team


  • Competitive analysis
  • Conceptual model development
  • Information architecture
  • Wireframing
  • User interface design
  • User acceptance testing

We have an established print magazine. Let’s bring it to the web.

FM Global is a leading provider of corporate risk management insurance. They had an existing industry print publication called Reason, and they wanted to expand their reach and position themselves as a thought leader with a web-based version of the publication.

How might we position ourselves in the field?

We performed a competitive analysis of a few industry publications and discussed with the client how Reason Online might compare to them on a few factors. This helped us align on a shared vision. Factors evaluated were:

  • How strictly the publication adheres to a concept of a monthly or quarterly “issue”
  • How many ways articles are organized
  • How many distinct content types the publication has
  • Degree of community engagement
Competitive Analysis
A competitive analysis of several sites illustrated how Reason Online might stack up against several similar online publications

So what does this look like for us?

Once we settled on how to position the publication in terms of the key factors above, I created a conceptual model and a sitemap to illustrate how we could organize content.

Conceptual Model
Conceptual model showing various ways users could find content
Sitemap showing how we could organize the article content alongside meta content about the publication

Bringing it all together

I created wireframes to structure the basic layout, and our visual designer detailed out the visual design and specified screens for development. The publication helped promote FM Global on the web from 2012 – 2017.

Wireframes laid out key screen templates
Production Guide
Screen details for development
screenshot of designed homepage
Homepage Visual design