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Prairie dog that appears to be flossing

On the impacts that most likely no one thought to look into when coming up with the idea of mint flavored dental floss.

Usability Observation #20: Useless Signage

A demonstration that if it needs a label, it is badly designed.

The User Experience of Voting

On bottlenecks and simple and also complex solutions to them.

Digit Decoder Update #5

on how there is nothing lazy about implementing a lazy login pattern, and initial release!

Screenshot showing Load and Save buttons

in which I fully appreciate the power of MySQL after trying to avoid it.

Digit Decoder Update #3

A glimmer of hope, a good bit of progress, and a lot more work to be done.

Video Chatting With our Cat

Telenconferencing with felines can be done more easily than I had thought.

Usability Observation #21 - Commenting Out Code in Real Life

On an approach shared by road construction and programming.

Digit Decoder Update #2

Update on this personal project. This time, I learned to leverage human abilities rather than relying on the machine to do everything.

Digit Decoder

Thomas Schell Sr. communicating with a notepad

A coding project to satisfy my own curiosity about decoding a message typed in digits.

Sometimes Turning Off the Lights

On inadvertently muddying the user’s mental model.

Re-using Old Calendars

Re-using Old Calendars

On resourcefulness and unseen rhythms.

Developing a Dynamic Schedule in WordPress

My latest adventure in logic and array manipulation.

Using Open Source Software for the Better World by Design Website

A tribute to open source software for web development.

thumbnail for 'Move' video

A beautiful and inspiring piece of video work that has left me speechless.

Menu Information Architecture

On D.I.Y. information architecture in everyday places.

Taste Feedback

Taste Feedback

On mint dental floss and disorientation.

Usability Observation #20 - Cutting Board Rack

On levitation in the kitchen.

Fun With Universal Instruction Diagrams

The joy of filling in the blanks.

National Elevator Escalator Safety Awareness Week

On obscure holidays.

World Usability Day

World Usability Day brings knowledge of usability principles to the people.

Usability Observation #19

On how dents and accidents can build character.

A Better World by Design 2010 Recap

On skating rinks and groundbreaking conferences on sustainable and humanitarian design.

A Better World by Design 2010

This weekend in Providence, RI, an event worth keeping on your radar.