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Analog-Flush Toilet

Analog Flush Toilet

On adding analog control if you want it without sacrificing simplicity.

Physical Information Graphics

On using physical objects as symbols in information graphics.

Usability observation #18 - on the orientation of teapots

On the orientation of teapots.

Melting butter with leftover heat

On melting butter with leftover heat.

Egg Cartons Turned Ice Cube Trays

On improvising ice cube trays from egg cartons.

Usability Observation #15

On what subway attendants see and designers don’t.

Usability Observation #14

Where shopping cart shelters go to die.

Usability Observation #13

Either a gross oversight or a clever conspiracy in the subway.

Usability Observation #12

On adapting infrastructure where the honor system is still alive.

Grandma's Window Curtain - open

On how vegetable packaging can become window dressing.

Technology and Presence

You might call this one poetry.

Horizontalism and Readability

Thoughts on an article about the history of scrolling and vertical versus horizontal orientations for text.

Usability Observation#4: Bike Lock Through Garbage Bag

On what the temptation of the path of least resistance can drive people to do.

Sit/Stand Desks

Sit/Stand Desks

On the ergonomics of moving and inspiration for a new DIY project.


On the importance of whatever else you can hang onto in an interface when you don’t speak the language.

New Work – FluidIA

FluidIA - Experience Threads

Wireframe sketches for a feature in an open-source prototyping tool called FluidIA.

I recently retrieved an old gem – my senior project on Human Factors in Guatemala vs. the U.S. from 2005.

Health Care Reform Graphics

A sampling of some information graphics that are bringing to light the elusive complexities of the process of health care reform.

on how a little piece of elastic can solve a large dilemma.

Task Flow - Entering the Boston Subway

Extending UI process to a familiar daily activity.

on how a teabag can go mountain climbing.

An intriguing alternative method for user testing.

screen shot of a telephone auto attendant interface

On how cobwebs can collect on intangible systems – telephone auto attendants, for example.

Toothpaste Tube

On rolling tubes of toothpaste and other surprisingly roll-able forms of packaging.