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Toothpaste Tube

On rolling tubes of toothpaste and other surprisingly roll-able forms of packaging.


On how oatmeal can be like a space pen.


When a garbage can is more than just a garbage can – two things more, actually.


On why grandmas are the most unexpected geniuses in society and how industry is slowly catching on.


On artifacts showing the long-term patterns of dining.


On why old books are more useful than $100 laptop stands and how to visualize a networking / job search process.

On adventures in networking, the unexpected three-hour interview, and why I’m revisiting my blog.

Building with whole trees

Architect Ronald Gunderson utilizes small-diameter trees that he bends himself for building. This method increases strength, and the small trees continue to sequester carbon.


I’m just coming off of this year’s Better World by Design Conference. Let me give my perspective as a student organizer. It was truly incredible to be involved with this team – this year as well as last. I don’t often use words like that, which you might find on the back cover of a book, but here, I am making an exception.


A series of demonstrations, lectures, and social events. Free and open to the public, featuring hands-on workshops, building & hacking competitions, culinary crafting, garage technology, arts and creativity for sale, and robot gymnastic demonstrations.

Computer Surgery


Thought I killed the display on my MacBook Pro, but thanks to this handy website, I was able to fix it.


Typically, 3D printers cost upwards of $50,000. This one, you can build yourself with a kit that costs $750 in true DIY spirit.