Forcing reply-all

I have a recurring problem where I’m trying to keep both me and my wife in the loop in an email conversation, but then the person on the other end doesn’t reply all, and one of us is in the dark. It can happen with the house cleaners, a plumber, or a friend. I’ve tried asking them to “reply all” rather than “reply” (to the sender only), but this doesn’t stick. Old habits die hard.

I figured out a foolproof solution to this – I set up a family Google Group that my wife and I are the only members of, and I send emails from the Google Group’s address. Also I configured the group so that anyone can post to it (under the “who can post” setting). So when I send an email from the group, no matter whether someone hits “reply all” or “reply”, the response goes to the Google Group and we both get it individually. It works like a charm.

wood plank over an open maintenance hole in a paved surface
Wooden plank placed over an open manhole, by Ivan Radic