Fun With Universal Instruction Diagrams

IKEA universal instruction diagram

Ah, moving. I associate it with purging old junk on eBay, asking friends for large favors, and shopping at Ikea.

I always appreciate their furniture / product design and usually appreciate their instruction manuals too. This manual for a step stool though was a bit quirky. Let’s try to make sense of some of these universal messages one-by-one.

Step stool next to weight

This step stool has the power to levitate a 100kg weight.

Step Stool Stilts

This step stool is not a set of stilts with training legs.

Step stool and magnifying glass

This step stool will disappear behind a magic detective lens in the enclosed spy kit.

Step stool defenestration

This step stool is not a defenestration accessory.

Step stool paintbrush

Do not use a paintbrush that is larger than this step stool without assistance.

Step stool weather

This step stool is not intended to be used as a weather balloon.

Good laughs. In all seriousness though, it makes me wonder about the possibilities of creating an interactive project with no words. It would be an interesting exercise, at least.

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