Sit/Stand Desks

Sit/Stand DesksThis NY Times post discusses “sit/stand desks”. By many accounts, they’re an ergonomic lifesaver for today’s digital workplace. Henry Dreyfuss laid forth the bible of ergonomics with The Measure of Man and Woman. While the majority of the focus of the book has to do with human-appropriate sizes and angles for products and furniture, here we have a solution to the problem of sitting for hours on end in front of a computer. SIt for a while, then stand to stretch your legs or work on a different task, and you can elevate your desk to meet you.

The downside is mainly the price tag. $749 or $799 for the GeekDesk.

An interesting project for sometime down the road: building myself a D.I.Y. version, and possibly making it human-powered (the existing models are electric) with high-capacity gas springs or adjustable with a foot pedal.

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