Digit Decoder

A web application (using jQuery and PHP) built to decode a message.

Greeting Card 2013

HTML5 Canvas greeting card featuring bride and groom falling snowflakes and of course the pets.

Greeting Card 2014

2014’s annual greeting card, an homage to M.C. Escher.

Greeting Card 2015

HTML5 Canvas animation featuring our tomato plants.

Buildium: Company Accounting

I led design on a new section of the application that allowed customers to track their company finances.

Buildium: New Customer Experience

A teammate and I streamlined the process across various touchpoints to get new customers quickly engaged and ready to run their business.

Buildium: Legacy Form Redesign

I updated a wide set of forms throughout the application to utilize new UI patterns and optimized workflows based on analysis of database contents.

Buildium: Partial Bill Payment

I led design on extending a new capability and made adjustments with developers and product managers in order to release it on time.

Buildium: Trust Accounting Overhaul

I led design on a project that improved core business logic and allowed customers to better keep track of what money belongs to whom.