An interesting meta-wireframe project. This is a round of wireframe sketches for a feature referred to as “experience threads” in FluidIA, an open-source prototyping tool, which in itself can build wireframes.

Eperience threads allow the user to combine multiple non-linear processes with wireframes of the interfaces for each step.

I explored placement alternatives for the experience threads within the FluidIA interface and several options for the detail of the experience threads themselves (tabs, nested tabs, boxes that highlight the current frame).

Also, I introduced a new paradigm for explaining the function of the experience threads themselves. Think of the experience threads as processes. There may be multiple processes within a project. Each process has several steps, which can be thought of as frames. Each frame has a mockup associated with it. The detail sketches illustrate this hierarchy.

Click the thumbnail to view the PDF. Or view these wireframes in context on the project site.

Version 3

Another iteration on the Experience Threads that I worked out with another member of the team based on some feedback from the previous version.

This time, the threads afford multiple non-linear paths, and the thread view allows the user to edit the paths one page at a time.