Usability Observation #19

Accidentally Ergonomic Water Bottle

I’ve had this aluminum water bottle for a bit over a year. Incidentally, it is a Better World by Design water bottle from 2009. Chalk it up to a combination of sentimental value and inclination to re-use products for as long as possible. Over time, it has been showing signs of use. Put otherwise, it has been gaining character.

Recently, in a rush leaving my apartment, I dropped it for the n-hundredth time. Badly this time. It put a sizable dent in the top.

I didn’t realize the accidental brilliance at the time, but it formed a nice contour for my thumb. Hence – building character.

I bought a new Sigg water bottle to take to client meetings. In comparison to this one, it looks quite a bit more professional, but every time I use it, I find my thumb searching for that comfortable indentation.

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