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screenshot of questions for each country-language variation

Extending a platform to translate and field surveys to multiple countries and languages.

Buildium: Collecting Management Fees

My product team and I dug into what we thought was the problem, found the underlying problem, and resolved it.


A responsive web application to enable residents and business owners to stay informed about pending construction projects in their area.

Play Page - Visual Design

A simple mobile application to allow office mates to find a ping pong match and see how they rank against their peers.

Buildium: Company Accounting

I led design on a new section of the application that allowed customers to track their company finances.

Buildium: Trust Accounting Overhaul

I led design on a project that improved core business logic and allowed customers to better keep track of what money belongs to whom.

Buildium: Partial Bill Payment

I led design on extending a new capability and made adjustments with developers and product managers in order to release it on time.

Buildium: New Customer Experience

A teammate and I streamlined the process across various touchpoints to get new customers quickly engaged and ready to run their business.

FM Global Reason Online

Online magazine for a leading provider of risk management insurance.

HomeCompare iOS App

An iOS application to assist first time home buyers.

Buildium: Legacy Form Redesign

I updated a wide set of forms throughout the application to utilize new UI patterns and optimized workflows based on analysis of database contents.

Buildium: Subscription Signup Workflow

A teammate and I updated the design of the subscription workflow to increase conversion rates.

Hubspot Keyword Grader

Strategy and redesign of a leading web application used for search engine optimization.

FluidIA - Experience Threads

Two rounds of wireframes for an open-source prototyping tool.