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Digit Decoder

A web application (using jQuery and PHP) built to decode a message.

Greeting Card 2015

HTML5 Canvas animation featuring our tomato plants.

Developing a Dynamic Schedule in WordPress

On the logic behind the 12-hour clock.

Greeting Card 2014

2014’s annual greeting card, an homage to M.C. Escher.

The Bird is the Word - Dancing Animation

Another dancing animation, this time using HTML5.

Rhode Island Superlatives Poster

A screenprinted poster that lists and verifies / disproves claims to Rhode Island superlatives.

WordPress Plugin - Simple Top Commenters

A simple WordPress plugin that generates a configurable list of the top commenters on a site.

Greeting Card 2013

HTML5 Canvas greeting card featuring bride and groom falling snowflakes and of course the pets.

Happy Birthday, Kath

Another silly, inside joke of a Flash piece.

Banksy Tribute

An animated interface featuring the work of UK street artist, Banksy.

Task Flow - Entering the Boston Subway

Diagramming the process of entering the Boston Subway, I found some surprising edge cases that are not well accounted for.

Food Crisis

An overview of the escalated food crisis in 2008, illustrated through a silent animation based on a series of quotes from key figures. Rendered in ActionScript 3.0.

It's Alive

A playful experiment – an action figure that comes to “life” in response to a light and goes back to rest when the light is turned off.

Senior Project - Comparing Human Factors

In which I document the usability of everyday objects in Guatemala, survey some people about it, make some cultural comparisons, and receive a B.S. in psychology.


A one-trick pony Flash piece that animates a graphic in response to the music.


A public art audio intervention in collaboration with Cara Blaine , inspired by a slam poem by Rives.


Holiday Card I designed for friends and family, including everyone I sent it to in the card design itself – you’ll see what I mean.

Sugarcane Harvesting System

A proposal featuring a closed-loop harvesting system with several steps involving the production of cellulosic ethanol from the waste products of the sugarcane plant.

Recycle-a-Bike Design/Build Proposal

Proposal for a temporary structure that would facilitate a trial partnership between two community organizations: Recycle-a-Bike and The Steel Yard.

Human Powered Vehicle

A 12-week project to design and build a human-powered commuter vehicle.

Recycle-a-Bike Logo

Logo for a community bicycle education program. Goals were to evoke local symbolism (seen in the mill building and the rooster – a Rhode Island Red) and embody an industrial and empowering character.