side projects

It’s Alive

A playful experiment – an action figure that comes to “life” in response to a light and goes back to rest when the light is turned off.

Holiday Card 2009

Holiday Card I designed for friends and family, including everyone I sent it to in the card design itself – you’ll see what I mean.

Recycle-a-Bike Logo

Logo for a community bicycle education program. Goals were to evoke local symbolism (seen in the mill building and the rooster – a Rhode Island Red) and embody an industrial and empowering character.

Sugarcane Harvesting System

A proposal featuring a closed-loop harvesting system with several steps involving the production of cellulosic ethanol from the waste products of the sugarcane plant.

Banksy Tribute

An animated interface featuring the work of UK street artist, Banksy.

Magic Ears

A one-trick pony Flash piece that animates a graphic in response to the music.